Since installing an air drying system in 1996, we have had continued growth.

We have excellent relationships with all our suppliers and pride ourselves on having high quality products with great levels of customer care.

With a range of over 100 lines of Natural Treats, along with our Rawhide Range and selection of dog & small animal feeds, we believe we have the people the knowledge and expertise to continue to excel in our market.

At Skipton we hold over 1,000 pallets of ingredients ready for packaging, and 500 pallets of finished product ready for distribution.

We currently run 7 packing lines, which we continue to modernise and improve all the time. Sizes range from as low as 50g up to 5kg, we bag seal, flow wrap, shrink wrap and box products.


The recent addition to the packing line is a semi-automatic packing machine. The 14 head multi head weigher has a twin bagging unit, heat sealer and metal detector. It’s now fully installed and up and running.

The new machine enables us to pack 15,000 packets in one shift with just four operators. Packing items such as Tripe, Jerky, Beef Curls, Paddywacks, Sausages in packs from 50g to 2kg.

This pushes our output from 50,000 packets per day to 65,000 per day. From 250,000 per week to 325,000 packets per week.

Each product and pallet we produce has full traceability, we are constantly working on our quality control and taking more steps towards accreditation.

We pride ourselves on efficiency, quality and hope we satisfy all our customers’ needs, whilst continuing to research and develop new products to add to our ever growing range.

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