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Emma Hollings answers…

Recently our Sales & Marketing Manager, Emma Hollings was reviewed in Pet Product Marketing answering in their 10 Questions section.

To read the full article open the pdf in the link below.

This year, Hollings has made a major investment in new packaging, in order to give its products a much stronger presence in point of sale.

The company works out of two sites: a factory in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, that processes raw materials and a plant at Skipton, North Yorkshire, that has seven packing lines and can pack around 250,000 packets a week. Hollings sells two million filled bones a year and employs 60 people.

Emma Hollings told PPM: “We’re still very much a family business, still growing and enjoying the pet trade, and we’re very much looking forward to the future.”

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3 thoughts on “Emma Hollings answers…

  1. no question, just happy to see a british company making a go of it.

    my dogs love your treats, which are not made in china like the crap my vet sells.

    good on you!

  2. Hi, we have an 8 week old ridgeback pup and we want to feed him a raw diet as we have lost 2 dogs to cancer, which might have been through feeding them commercial dried foods. He is rather underweight, and I wanted to find out if I can ‘bulk up’ his meat meals without feeding grains. He has a meaty bone every other day, but I have ordered some of your meat & bonemeal to add. But I’m concerned that this might be too much, as I have read that too much bonemeal can cause as many problems as too little?

  3. This is a grumble on behalf of my pet, Ben. He is a lover of your airdried sausages but lately has found them to be inedible. They used to be his favourite treat when they had been dried to just the right degree leaving enough moisture for him to bite and chew them but they are now dried to the extent that they don’t bend just snap. They are hard and unappetising. I ask on his behalf that your quality control look into this matter it will definetly affect your reputation and sales. Please do not dismiss this request.

    Mr. E. Nice

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