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Hollings Jerky from the EU…


We are frequently asked from where we source our Jerky

We can confirm that our Jerky does not come from China. It is sourced from a very reputable supplier in the EU, where it is air-dried under carefully controlled conditions to the highest quality standards.
As stated on our packaging, our Jerky is 100% natural lung , with no additives or preservatives. We have been supplying natural treats for many years and we take pride in the quality and safety of our products, and we have supplied huge quantities of Jerky with no adverse feedback.

Please note some products called Jerky do not use the same ingredient as we do.

However, we obviously do not know your dogs, their ages, their health or condition, whether they have any allergies etc. and as we also state on our packaging, dogs should be supervised at all times whilst enjoying treats and should always have fresh water available. Treats should also be given in moderation of course.

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