Hollings Pet Treats – Useful information

Here at Hollings, we get asked lots of questions by customers, so we have hand-selected a few of the more common questions we receive, to hopefully give you further information and answers for your queries.

What are the healthiest dog treats?

We believe the healthiest dog treats are natural ones, it’s why we make them. Founded in 1980, Hollings has become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of natural dog treats loved by dogs and owners.
Read our tips on how to choose the best natural treats for your dogs…

What can I use for training treats?

Our Hollings Salmon Bites, Hollings Fish Bites and Hollings Sprats make great training treats because they are light, dry and easy to carry with you on a walk or ramble. Perhaps most importantly, dogs love them!
Our treats are made from 100% Fresh Fish that is simply air dried, so you can be sure they are a healthy natural reward for your dog too.

The fishy smell makes them excellent for tracking adventures or scavenging games, especially when your dog is outdoors with so many exciting odours competing for their attention!

Other favourites include our air dried Hollings Sausages which can be cut to the best size for your dog’s training activities. They are a great for obedience training and trust games which may initially need ‘little and often’ treats to encourage new behaviours.

Not all treats are made equal – we would encourage you to always read the label on your dog treats. Our Hollings Sausages are made with high quality natural ingredients for your dog including 70% pork and 20% beef.

If you are using training treats regularly with your dog, it is important to remember they contribute to your dog’s daily calorie intake. You will need to reduce your dog’s main meal to help them maintain a healthy weight.

What are the best natural treats for dogs?

When we are training our dogs or playing with them, giving them praise and a treat is a great way to show them how much we appreciate their efforts. That treating moment is always special and helps to forge the bond between us and our pets.

We’re so pleased to see the growing interest in natural treats and are often asked what are the best natural treats for dogs. The simple answer is there’s no one size fits all for dogs because they are individuals just like us!
When it comes to choosing the best natural treats for your dog, here are some top tips to consider:

  1. Every dog is different!

    Just like people, our dogs are individuals with different dietary needs and favourite likes or dislikes! Some enjoy the challenge of a long-lasting natural chew like an air dried Beef Pizzle or Filled Hoof, others love the mental stimulation of an interactive food toy that is stuffed with a morsel of something tasty like our all natural Sausages!

    If they are outside on a treasure hunt, then a hidden smellier surprise like a piece of all natural Beef Tripe or a Fish Bite may be top of their doggy wishlist, as it has to compete against the smells of the wonderful great outdoors.

    There are so many to choose from and the great news is that you can have a lot of fun together working out which are the best natural treats to support your dog’s training regime. What really makes those ears prick up and that tail wag?! Simple hide and seek taste tests can be a great way to learn – it’s time to bring out the natural food critic in your dog and find out what motivates them for the task at hand. The more excited they are about the treat, the more helpful it can be when you are trying to encourage positive behaviours.

  2. It’s all about the Natural Ingredients

    Believe it or not, there are no specific legal definitions for the use of the term “Natural” on pet food. We therefore recommend that you read labels very carefully when choosing the best natural treats for your dogs.

    When buying a Hollings product, you will always find a clear explanation of the natural ingredients in our products on pack and on our website. Each product information page gives you the ingredients, typical analysis, composition and feeding guide shared on our image panels.

    We only use the term natural to describe pet food ingredients and products where nothing has been added. These products are made with only natural ingredients and you can be sure the food does not contain any chemically synthesised ingredients.

  3. Ask the Expert

    If you’re looking to evaluate the nutritional and health benefits of any dog treat, the best person to seek advice from is your Vet. They are the Experts and will understand your own dog’s history and dietary needs.

    It’s important to assess the nutrient balance of the treats you are feeding your dog – what is the sugar, protein and fat content? How will this impact your dog’s daily diet and their dental hygiene? Of course, some fruit and vegetables can provide great natural treats for your dog, just make sure you wash them carefully and keep an eye on their sugar content when feeding them regularly.

    Are you looking for Grain Free or Gluten Free products? Make sure you check the label closely for grains including Wheat, Rice, Corn and more. At Hollings, only our stuffed or filled treats contain wheat and the rest are Grain Free.

    Just like any snack, all treats contribute to your dog’s daily calorie intake and you will need to reduce your dog’s main meal accordingly to help them maintain a healthy weight.

  4. Less is best when it comes to processing

    We aim to keep processing to a minimum, retaining the natural nutritional benefits of our treats. Many of our dog treats are simply air dried, it’s a natural way to preserve meat or fish and it removes a need for artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It ensures that our treats are safe to handle and can be stored for a number of months.

  5. Ingredients safety must be top of your list

    Our traditional natural dog treats include offal, muscles and cartilage such as Beef Trachea, Chicken Necks, Pig Ears, Beef Pizzle, Beef Tripe and Chicken Feet. They are often the parts of an animal that humans are less inclined to consume themselves, but dogs have loved them for many years!

    They offer different tastes, textures and smells for your dog and can offer valuable nutritional benefits such as for example a high level of protein or a natural source of glucosamine to help support their flexibility and mobility.

    When choosing the best natural treats for dogs, ingredients safety, handling and storage needs to be top of your list. You can always be sure our products are prepared and trimmed to Hollings high standards, including testing regimes for bacteria and quality checked.