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New for November – Buffalo Horns

Buffalo Horns, three sizes ….

Mini, Standard and Jumbo … Buffalo horns are 100% Natural. Long lasting treats that are high in protein and very low in fat. They are great for aggressive chewers.

Available through all the main wholesalers, for further information please contact

5 thoughts on “New for November – Buffalo Horns

  1. I have bought a jumbo buffalo horn for my 13 month bernese and it is splintering after only 4 hours should I be concerned

  2. Aster, my amazing Diabetes Alert Dog, is one of the wondrous Medical Detection Dogs working in the UK (visit you may wish to support this wonderful charity). She is a very enthusiastic chewer, destroying a Kong Extreme in less than 10 minutes and has had to be banned from having raw hide chews; however the Buffalo Horn that I bought her recently at my local pet shop, has proved a great hit. I leave it with her for about 20 minutes at a time once or twice a day, so that she does not lose interest in it, and in the 4 days she has had this she has barely made a mark on it. She absolutely loves it. Great stuff. Thank you

  3. Hello there! Quick question for you, do your buffalo chews cause Dog’s teeth to splinter at all the way some of the Deer horns can? Thank you, Stacey

  4. Hi,

    Can you please tell me which particular wholesalers or shops you supply the standard and jumbo Buffalo horns to in the Woodford/ Enfield area. I would like to regularly purchase this product for my dog but I am not sure if I can get them where I live. Thanks for your help in this matter.

    Kind Regards
    Ms G M Heathcote

  5. Hi I am a breeder of small and large breeds and wanted to know if I can buy direct from you? I am intrested in a box of buffalo horns

    Thanks vanessa

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