We have the facilities and nutritional expertise to analyse and formulate the ideal foods and treats for individual organisations, and can also help with product design, packaging, palleting and distribution.


[three_columns ]treats

From pig ears to bulls pizzles
our air dried natural products can
be used as a treat, reward or training aid, all our treats are suitable for all ages and sizes of dogs.

[/three_columns] [three_columns ]bones

All our bones are selected and cut
in approved abbatoirs which supply
the human food chain, and are cooked to our high specification whilst the various fillings offer variety and flavour for dogs.

The bones are clean, air dried and the meaty bone has delicious dried meat still on it.

[/three_columns] [three_columns_last ]rawhide

Our thick natural white Rawhide, produced in Brazil, is great for keeping dogs teeth clean, strong and healthy.

They are digestable, can help to relieve boredom and also reduce the urge to chew.



Tyke is the complete balanced diet for a working dog. A high concentration of nutrients supplies all their daily needs for energy. Meat, cereals and essential vitamins add all thats needed for a long and active life.

Meat and bone meal has been specially formulated and sterilised to meet the unique requirements of bitches, puppies and growing dogs. Promotes growth and development, containing all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep a dog happy, healthy and active.

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