Where the first natural treats started ‘bulk in a box’…

We are very proud of our colourful boxes in this range. They were designed to create ease for picking the products from here in our warehouse, through the wholesalers and pet stores.

All the boxes have an outer barcode, and are simple to stack.

We still have a large selection of bulk items in this range, allowing the customer to sell the product as a box or weigh/sell as they prefer.


product pack product code
pig ears 50 PIGE
pig ears 20 PIGE20
pigs ears large 25 PIGEL
cow ears 50 COWE
pig snouts 2kg PIGSN
pork rind 25 PIGCH
pig trotters 10 PIGT
pork rolls 30 PORKR
filled bone bacon 15 BONEFB
filled bone chicken 15 BONEFC
filled bone meat 15 BONEFM
filled bone smoked 15 BONEFS
filled bone assorted 15 BONEFASS
roast full bone 10 BONERF
roast knuckle bone 20 BONEK
mini roast bone 20 BONEMR
sausage 3kg SAUS3
hooves filled 25 HOOFF
hooves plain 25 HOOFP
tripe sticks 2.5kg TRIPE25
paddywack 2kg PADDY2
paddywack 5kg PADDY5
chicken feet 2KG CHICKFEET
chicken necks 2KG CHICKNECK


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