Our brands still have a very loyal customer base.

We have been manufacturing Tyke, Bobtail & Pipkin for over 30 years.

Having started our business with this range, we have built up many years of experience and have the facilities and the knowledge  to manufacture and blend high quality dog & small animal feeds, with the capacity for producing over 100 tonnes per week.

product case pack product code
tyke gold
forma/pt worker
15kg FORM15
dried terrier meat
15kg DTM15
bobtail plus
20kg BOBP20
bobtail plus
4 5kg BOBP5
bobtail plus
10 2kg BOBP2
pipkin 20kg PIP20
pipkin 10 2kg PIP2
meat & bonemeal 4kg BM4
meat & bonemeal 6 400g BM400


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