We are very proud of our prepacked range of treats.

We were one of the very first treat manufacturers in the UK to start prepacking natural treats, and have seen a huge number of retailers within the market place choosing to display this range.

We have colourful, well designed informative packaging, we are always looking at ways to improve/move forward with our packaging

The bags allow the products to hang with euroslots creating a strong vibrant display.

We are constantly looking at new products, especially ones that we produce here in the UK at our manufacturing site and welcome product suggestions from customers.



product case pack product code
duck feet 8 100g DBDUCKF
duck necks 8 100g DBDUCKN
trachea with beef filling large 10 1pk DBTRACFB
trachea with goose filling large 10 1pk DBTRACHFG
trachea with venison filling large 10 1pk DBTRACHFV
jumbo salami sausage 10 5pk SAUSJSAL
jumbo venison sausage 10 5pk SAUSJVEN
trachea with meat filling small 20 1pk DBTRACFM
trachea large 10 1pk DBTRACHEA
sprats 8 400g SPRATS400
fish bites 8 400g FISHBITES400
pig ears extra large 25 1 PIGELPP
pork rolls 20 3 PORKR3X20
pork rolls large 10 3 PORKRL3
roast full bone 10 1 BONERFPP
roast knuckle bone 20 1 BONEKPP
liver 20 100g LIVER20
pizzles 5 50 PIZZ5
tripe sticks 20 100g TRIPE20
pig trotters
10 1 PIGTPP10
summer bag 8 4 items BAGSUMMER


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