Hollings Pig Ears are a natural and nutritious way to treat and reward your dogs. These popular tasty treats are a favourite with dogs because they are air dried to provide a great chew.

You can always be sure our Pig Ears are cooked and trimmed to Hollings high standards, tested for bacteria and quality checked.

100% natural Pigs Ears
Great taste
High quality treats
Deliciously chewy
Grain Free



Are pig ears a good treat for dogs?

Hollings Pig Ears are a good treat for your dog’s dental health because of their chewy texture.

Dogs love the unique texture of this chew; it is tough enough to provide them with long-lasting satisfaction, but pliable enough not to hurt their gums when gnawing away!

The natural chewing action helps to scrape off plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth, which also makes them a traditional favourite with owners.

Our Hollings Pig Ears are 100% pork and air dried to lock in natural flavour. They are high in protein and ideal to help keep your dog entertained and occupied.

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