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Two New Bulk Products

We have recently added Chicken Feet 2kg and Chicken Necks 2kg to our range of quality pet treats in bulk boxes.

Both products are 100% Natural Treats, and both have naturally occurring forms of glucosamine and chrondroitin.

High in protein and low in fat.


3 thoughts on “Two New Bulk Products

  1. How are the chicken feet cooked? Are any ingredients added?

  2. Hello I’m considering purchaseing these chicken feet can you please tell me the origin of this product basically I’m avoiding items from China due to the concerns recently of some of the products coming over. I am also trying to locate a raw hide product from uk preferably or Europe can you suggest any of your products that might fit the bill please.

  3. please could you tell me where the chickens feet come from ? are they within the EU ,Thank you

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