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UK sourced treats now available

Here at Hollings we are proud of the products that we source and manufacture in the UK. Our packaging has been revamped. We have a large range of natural pet treats from carrier bags, prepacks, tub ranges, rawhide and bulk products. Our Range of Products that are all sourced and manufactured in the UK include:

Dbpaddy Paddywack 10x200g
Dboxtail Oxtail 10x200g
Dbribs Beef Ribs 15x3pk
Dbjumbor Jumbo Beef Ribs 10x2pk
Bonemrpp Mini Roast Bone 10x2pk
Dbbonemr Mini Roast Bone 20x1pk
Hooff2 Hooves Filled 8x2pk
Dbhoof Filled Hoof 20x1pk
Dbbonem Meaty Bone 10x1pk
Dbbonemax Maxi Roast Bone 10x1pk
Dbbonecsf Calcium Shank Filled Bone 10x1pk
Boness Smoked Shank Bone 10x1pk
Pigtpp Pig Trotters 10x1pk
Tubcr Beef Crunch Tub 1.25kg
Bonekpp Roast Knuckle Bone 20x1pk
Bonerfpp Full Roast Bone 10x1pk
Dbbonelam Lamb Bone 10x1pk
Dbbonefm Filled Bone Beef 20x1pk
Dbbonefb Filled Bone Bacon 20x1pk
Dbbonefs Filled Bone Smoked 20x1pk
Dbbonefc Filled Bone Chicken 20x1pk
Dbbonefmi Filled Bone Mint 20x1pk
Dbboneflr Filled Bone Lamb & Rice 20x1pk
Dbboneftr Filled bone Tripe 20x1pk
Dbbonefv Filled Bone Venison 20x1pk
Dbbonefpa Filled Bone Pork & Apple 20x1pk
Dbfishb Fish Bites 8x75g
Dbfishst Fish Sticks 8x75g
Dbfishwpb Whitefish & Potato Biscuit 15x75g


















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  1. Hi
    Can I buy directly from you and if so can you send me a price list.

    Our dogs work with young people who have been abused, neglected raped and are facing adversity.

    Gandalf our huge Pyrenean Mountain Dog won the Animal Hero of the Year Award from the RSPCA and Daily Mirror check out our website

    Many thanks

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