In 2004 a major decision was made to purchase a purpose built factory for pet treats as we were growing so quickly in that sector. The factory was in need of some modernising and investment and year on year we have invested in buildings, equipment and people.

We now believe we have one of the best facilities in the country for producing a wide range of bones and treats, and will continue to invest year on year as sales are growing.

We are proud at how efficient we are at sourcing local ingredients and we have moved nearly 100% on to British products, at the same time we have reduced manufacturing costs to keep our product price competitive.


bone products

In the factory we currently produce the following products: Roast Knuckles, Half Knuckles, Full Roast, Beef Ribs, Mini Marrow and maxi Marrow Bones.

We have 7 cooking vessels for these products and can cook around 120 tonnes of bones per week.

The bones we use are all locally sourced from abattoirs, brought in fresh, and immediately stored in our fridges or freezers.


air dried products

We have 5 air drying rooms which produce products such as Pig Ears, Pig Ear Strips, Pork Skin, dried pork bones, dried lamb bones, hooves, pizzles, pig snouts, some products dry in 24 hours others can take up to 7 days. We are now trialling more new products in the drying rooms.

Next to that we have 3 traditional smoking rooms, using wood chips, to give a delicious smell and flavour.


filled bones

Then we have the autoclaves, washers, tumblers and whiteners for our marrow bones, which we cut, cook, clean, whiten then dry in our drying rooms. We produce more than 100,000 a week of these bones. We then fill with a variety of flavours from Beef, Venison, Chicken, Lamb & Rice, Pork & Apple. We are also able to do many more flavours. We now have the capacity to produce up to 200,000 per week.

keeping it clean

All the air taken from the factory goes through natural filter beds, so there is no pollution or smells.
The water is also taken through a new drainage system to a water cleaning plant and it is cleaned then sprayed back in to natural filter beds.

what the future holds

We have further plans for the next 5 years with major investment in a temperature controlled warehouse for the 4,000 pallets of finished product.

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